Status Update About Unarch and Geomorph

Dear ALP followers;

aToday, we're going to share the recent updates and status with you.

 As you know we postponed our release last week due to a technical situation. First of all, thank you all for being supportive and patient during this phase.

 Since we would like to be as transparent as we can be to you all, we would like to give more information about this "technical situation". A few hours before the release date, the motherboard of the computer which we use to store all the codes and data got malfunctioned in a bad way(in a way that could have harmed the other parts). And we lost our data for a short period of time, but then we managed to recover most of it. And in the meantime, we avoided giving you certain info about it since we didn't know how much our losses were. In summary, the reason that we didn't tell anything about a certain release day was due to the uncertainty of the situation that we were in.

 We thank you and our other followers for supporting us during these unfortunate events. And we would like to let you know that we tried our hardest not to leave anybody unsatisfied. We returned the money of the people who wanted a refund.

 Let's get to our release date:

 Don't worry our dear followers, we kept working hard during this phase so we decided to make our release after              from now if we don't have any big hiccups. Hope we didn't cause any harm or dissatisfaction out of our knowledge. Also, we released the compatibility list of the new Unrivaled Edition. You can click here to take a look at the Unrivaled Edition's list. And you can click here to view the lists for all of the versions.


 And again, thank you so much for your patient and trustful waiting.