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Gaming and Hacking

We are ArwgLacyProgramming. Also known as ALP Our company was founded on the 5th of August, 2020 by Ardwig and Lambency. We are ambitiously creating software solutions especially for the gaming and hacking industries.



UnArch Tool

UnArch tool is a powerful and fast archive extractor/opener that focuses especially on non-standard game archives. Tool has a very easy-to-use, minimal user interface.


Geomorph Tool

Geomorph Tool is a high-functioning 3D model converting, importing and exporting tool. It supplies support for 750+ game's 3D model file format including all of the games' from our Unarch Tool Unrivaled. It provides options like exporting the model to whichever format do you want or directly import into the blender. Also it has a 3D viewport in it so you can view it on the fly before you decide to export/import it.



What's comes and goes with the second biggest update for the UnArch, Geomorph and Texmorph Tools? What are our current and future projects? What's the current situation of Hunt and Gears? Where can I find the tutorials about the tools? All of this and more is in this article!

  • What's the situation of the weights for GearsB2 games?
    They're still a work in progress, if we were to give more technical detail, we've figured out most of the algorithm and we're working on its code implementation. Given our workload, we still prefer not to give an ETA to avoid any future disappointments and possible postponements.
  • What's Hunt Showdown's situation on UnArch?
    Hunt's encryption format has changed since the DeSalle update and the Unarch is currently incapable of extraction. We hope that will be a temporary thing while we work on it to re-adapt the compatibility. And in the meantime, for those who already bought the tool for the Hunt Showdown, we have a little workaround which you can find right above.
  • Why's my personal ID delivery is taking so long?
    The system that we currently use for dispensing personal IDs is often operating with delay. We're working on that too to solve it as soon as possible.
  • How can I make an extraction request from a game?
    Right now you can reach us through live chat or e-mail for all of your extraction requests and we can inform you back with a price for your request. But in the near future, there will be an automatic system implemented to our website which you can easily place orders for individual extraction requests.
  • I didn't buy the tool but I want you to get my hands on the models of x game without bothering with any extraction or tools, is it possible?"
    Yes, of course. If you reach us via our website's live support or via e-mail or basically any other media platform, we give you a price depending on the game that you want the models from and the amount of the models that you want. We extract the models that you want in a few days with textures and send you a download link. We demand the first half for the price, you send it, we send the models and then finally you send the second half. The process goes on like this. You can click HERE to view a few renders of the models that our customers demanded
  • If I bought the UnArch Tool before this big update, how am I going to receive the update, and what's the price?"
    We developed a system that we will use only once, for this big update, If you bought the tool before the update, we will send you an e-mail that will make you get the updated version of the tool for free.
  • I am one of the winners of the giveaway that you made on DeviantArt. How am I going to get the update and is there a price?
    You are applicable too for the one-time system that we will bring for the big update. Don't worry.
  • I want to get a higher version than that I currently have. What should I do?
    If you want to upgrade your UnArch Tool to a higher edition, and if you're wondering if that the amount that you already paid will be reduced from the price, then you can contact us, we will give you a promo code that will reduce the price to the amount that you paid for the lower edition. If you're reading this after you bought the new version without contacting us, don't worry we will refund the money in the amount of the lower edition that you bought before. And if there is an issue and you didn't receive your money, please don't hesitate to contact us. But if you're one of the winners of the giveaway that we did on DeviantArt, then sadly we need to say that you can't eligible to get a discount coupon for upgrading. The reason for this is that we want to be fair to all of our customers. We hope that you will understand.
  • Which edition of the games that I send to the wishlist be added to?
    The games that you wanted us to add to the tool will be compatible with Unrivaled Edition. Like we said in the announcement part of the article since this will be the only edition that will acquire updates we will add the games that you want to Unrivaled Edition but besides the games, the new functions that you want will be added to all versions. The reason that newly added games are going to be only added to Unrivaled Edition is that we want to make the Unrivaled exclusive.
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