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Softwares For 
Gaming and Hacking

We are ArwgLacyProgramming. Also known as ALP Our company was founded on the 5th of August, 2020 by Ardwig and Lambency. We are ambitiously creating software solutions especially for the gaming and hacking industries.



UnArch Tool

UnArch tool is a powerful and fast archive extractor/opener that focuses especially on non-standard game archives. Tool has a very easy-to-use, minimal user interface.


Geomorph Tool

Geomorph Tool is a high-functioning 3D model converting, importing and exporting tool. It supplies support for 750+ game's 3D model file format including all of the games' from our Unarch Tool Unrivaled. It provides options like exporting the model to whichever format do you want or directly import into the blender. Also it has a 3D viewport in it so you can view it on the fly before you decide to export/import it.



What's comes and goes with the second biggest update for the UnArch, Geomorph and Texmorph Tools? What are our current and future projects? What's the current situation of Hunt and Gears? Where can I find the tutorials about the tools? All of this and more is in this article!

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