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Patches and FAQ V1

May 6th 2021



 Hi there everyone! In this article, we will inform you about near-future improvements, updates, and frequently asked questions. Let's get started. (Click HERE to directly see the FAQ) ​

Firstly, WORGEN and new hacking tool updates


1- We made the source code shorter and more efficient compared to older versions:
 Previously, the number of words that you could enter was locked and can't be changed, but now you can define how many words you want to enter.

2- More combinations, more possibilities:
 We added a few new questions to improve variability which are; 1337(leet), birth year generator, and more.

 Plus, we have some good news for ethical hacking lovers. We are looking forward to releasing a new software around mid-may which is a brute-force attack tool that has a VPN built in it and compatible with WORGEN. Currently, it's compatible with popular media platforms like Instagram, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

(Sidenote: These tools are educational purposes, use them for their purpose otherwise ArwgLacyProgramming has no responsibility with any possible outcomes and with any other thing)


Let's get to new updates about the UnArch Tool


Next, we have some news about the long-expected UnArch Tool Updates and the new UnArch Tool Unrivaled Edition. UnArch Tool's new version and all updates will be with you so soon. REMAINING TIME:

 While we are creating UnArch Tool as a team, we said "We want an industry where every kind of game archive is unpackable and where people can extract and play around with whatever model, animation, texture, and asset they want so people can reach and do what they are passionate to do more easily. We are so happy to say that we are so close to achieving that goal. With your support and patience, we extracted most of the non-extractable game archives and added them to our list.

1- First of all, we would like to inform you about the new "Password/Security" system (Safety first):

     With the new password acquiring system we will bring, the old passwords that people get from the Profile section of the site will be e-mailed instantly to our customers who bought the UnArch Tool. Also if you, our dear customers, try to enter to UnArch Tool from another computer with the same account, an e-mail confirmation will be sent. And the moment that you confirm it, the tool will be accessible from the new computer. If you bought the tool previously and already got your password, that password will be useless and a new one will be e-mailed to you in no time. We will increase the frequency of these kinds of updates for both our customers' and UnArch Tool's security.

2- Huge BugFixes:
    Most users having problems with the tool if the tool is installed on the system drive and if they don't run it as admin. So running as admin will be the default and not necessarily have to be enabled manually. There will be an error code for all kinds of errors so we can investigate and fix future bugs quickly. Also, minor script faults that cause the program to crash for some games will be gone too.

3- There will be an importable tool with simple UI for importing models from nearly all games:
    For now, this mini-tool don't have stable a name or defined price yet on our side but our goal is to minify the work and hustle that users go through for importing 3D model formats into the various software.

4- UnArch will be more special and safer than ever:
    Different from the previous system, users that don't have the tool can't get into the password acquiring page. Users will be informed with an e-mail right after they bought the tool. And users that will want to use UnArch on another device will be safe with the same e-mail system.

 Let's get to the specifications on UnArch Tool's new Unrivaled version:

1- We managed to open and extract most of the game engine's file formats so the archive compatibility library will be a lot rich:
    With us managing to extract and open most of the game engine file formats, the compatible game archive type count is increased a ton. We will be making the release with 750 games total!

2- The thing that makes this edition special is that this edition is going to have a compatibility library that will increase every month:
   Yes, we will provide compatibility for 750 games on release but for us, it's not still enough. So we are aiming to add new archive type options every month. Our goal is 1000 games until the end of 2021.

3- About the importable 3D model opening/importing tool that we talked about in the Updates section: 

     The tool we mentioned in the Updates section will also be published for this version. (Maybe we might give it for free with this version?)


1- I didn't buy the tool but I want you to get my hands on the models of x game without bothering with any extraction or tools, is it possible?:
    Yes, of course. If you reach us via our website's live support or via e-mail or basically any other media platform, we give you a price depending on the game that you want the models from and the amount of the models that you want. We extract the models that you want in a few days with textures and send you a download link. We demand the first half for the price, you send it, we send the models and then finally you send the second half. The process goes on like this. You can click HERE to view a few renders of the models that our customers demanded

2- If I bought the UnArch Tool before this big update, how am I going to receive the update, and what's the price?:
    We developed a system that we will use only once, for this big update, If you bought the tool before the update, we will send you an e-mail that will make you get the updated version of the tool for free.

3- I am one of the winners of the giveaway that you made on DeviantArt. How am I going to get the update and is there a price?:
    You are applicable too for the one-time system that we will bring for the big update. Don't worry.

4- I want to get a higher version than that I currently have. What should I do?:
    If you want to upgrade your UnArch Tool to a higher edition, and if you're wondering if that the amount that you already paid will be reduced from the price, then you can contact us, we will give you a promo code that will reduce the price to the amount that you paid for the lower edition. If you're reading this after you bought the new version without contacting us, don't worry we will refund the money in the amount of the lower edition that you bought before. And if there is an issue and you didn't receive your money, please don't hesitate to contact us. But if you're one of the winners of the giveaway that we did on DeviantArt, then sadly we need to say that you can't eligible to get a discount coupon for upgrading. The reason for this is that we want to be fair to all of our customers. We hope that you will understand.

5- Which edition of the games that I send to the wishlist be added to?:
    The games that you wanted us to add to the tool will be compatible with Unrivaled Edition. Like we said in the announcement part of the article since this will be the only edition that will acquire updates we will add the games that you want to Unrivaled Edition but besides the games, the new functions that you want will be added to all versions. The reason that newly added games are going to be only added to Unrivaled Edition is that we want to make the Unrivaled exclusive.

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