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Unarch Tool

UnArch tool is a powerful and fast archive extractor/opener that focuses especially on non-standard game archives. Tool has a very easy-to-use, minimal user interface.


Worgen is a powerful software that allows you to create one-of-a-kind wordlists with wide range of customization options.You can either create a wordlist from beginning or you can combine the words in an already existing wordlist.You can use those wordlists to whatever you want but primarily its optimised for creating linux wordlists.


Texmorph Tool

Texmorph is a simple tool to convert textures and images. It's easy to use and free. Also, it frequently updates itself according to your requests. It's primarily created for converting the images extracted with Unarch. In order to learn how to use it, you can read the ReadMe.txt file in the zip file.

Geomorph Tool

Geomorph Tool is a high-functioning 3D model converting, importing and exporting tool. It supplies support for 750+ game's 3D model file format including all of the games' from our Unarch Tool Unrivaled. It provides options like exporting the model to whichever format do you want or directly import into the blender. Also it has a 3D viewport in it so you can view it on the fly before you decide to export/import it.

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