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 UnArch tool is a powerful and fast archive extractor/opener that focuses especially on non-standard game archives. Tool has a very easy-to-use, minimal user interface. It supports many kinds of archive types with different compressions, algorithms and encryptions. Tool is up-to-date all the time, and more and more games being added in it constantly. It has multiple versions that includes different numbers and types of extractble game archive types;including the free version for trial purposes. UnArch tool focuses models and textures mostly. It has full capability of extracting specified archives. It also supports extraction of voice, music, text files and other kinds of assets on some games. Also, it has full support for all of the CryEngine Game archives. At the moment, UnArch tool is one of the archive extractors/openers that has widest range of archive types on the market.

 UnArch Tool is the property of ArwgLacyProgramming. It CAN NOT be distributed, changed, or edited without any permission. All Rights Reserved.

Unarch Tool Official Tutorial Video

Unarch Tools



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