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Konnar Horsewood
Aug 23, 2021
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I was trying to export the textures for Anthony Carmine MP01, I got the D, MR, and E to export however they were only 1024x1024, and then the normal wouldn't convert at all, just kept going glitchy, I did have to grab them from the "T_MP_COG_AnthonyCarmine_MatCollection_sm_SG_LOD2" as nothing else exported with the MP01... also can't figure out how to make the UV's correct in blender as the character UV's seem messed up. Here are a few screenshots - Diffuse 1024x1024 and its the same with the E and MR However the normal looks like this even running it through BC7 with Texmorph 1.9 and it's only about 512 ish. then on the character mesh this is what it looks like with a texture applied as you can see, the UV's aren't proportionate... any help would be appreciated!
Konnar Horsewood
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